Norcon Headquarters

Chicago, IL

Norcon Inc. is a construction company that provides a comprehensive range of project development, management and construction services. Already having sufficient points to pursue LEED Silver certification, Norcon Inc. was looking to enhance its 22,000 square-foot, four-story headquarters into an even more efficient and environmentally-conscious space. McGuire Engineer’s enhanced commissioning and energy modeling services assisted in Norcon’s earning of LEED Gold status.


Energy Modeling and LEED Enhanced Commissioning


MEPC’s energy model helped determine the best performing building components and resulted in more than 47% annual energy cost savings. These services were an integral part of the design process, and helped finalize:

  1. The building’s equipment
  2. Material selection
  3. Envelope design criteria

LEED Enhanced Commissioning

Through prompt construction administration, feedback, and energy modeling responses, MEPC remained on time and on budget.

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