Indian Community School of Milwaukee

Franklin, WI

Opened in 2006, the Indian Community School is a 165,000 square-foot private school serving elementary school students from eleven different Native tribes. The school originally retained McGuire Engineers (MEPC) on a consulting basis after continual systematic problems with the HVAC system emerged, and could not be solved by the original project team.




McGuire Engineers found issues with building pressurization, heating and air distribution, central air handler operation, location and application of HVAC controls and the building automation system (BAS).

Performed an investigation of the systems’ design and performance utilizing:

  1. Design drawings
  2. Load calculations
  3. Data tracking via independent data loggers
  4. A study of the conditions in the building along with the BAS reports

Based on the analysis, MEPC’s role expanded to include:

  1. The design of the corrections
  2. Construction management services
  3. Replacement of the BAS
  4. Modifications to air handling units, the hot water piping system and the sequence of operations

McGuire Engineers took additional measures, such as integrating temperature/CO2 sensors in classrooms and de-stratification fans in the Great Hall to decrease system-wide energy usage and provide greater occupant comfort.

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