Chicago, IL

When it came time to move its office, McGuire Engineers (MEPC) took the opportunity to create the ultimate “eco” office. The recently completed LEED Platinum Certified office space showcases a variety of ideas that an average office can implement to lessen its carbon footprint and create a healthier, more productive environment for employees. McGuire’s LEED Platinum certified office offers a real world example of an “eco” friendly office design for their clients.


Lighting Design Engineering
LEED Commissioning


  • Lighting is controlled in zones, and timers or motion sensors shut off lighting when zones are unoccupied. The lighting uses only 0.78 watts per square foot, which exceed ASHRAE’s standards by 28%.
  • Digital models of the space were used to determine the proper fixture placement, lamp types, and fixture types to create optimal light quality using the lease amount of energy.
  • The design incorporated a 50% reduction in water usage, the use of low or no VOC finishes and fixtures made from renewable resources such as Plyboo.
  • The eco-friendly office serves as a walk-through model for potential clients or those interested in enhancing their office spaces.

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